Welcome to Just Penneys..

Well, I'm glad you found me!

I've learned that blogging is sometimes like talking to myself, which is becoming the "norm" for me these days. Really!
It's quite the challenge and time consuming. The satisfaction it brings to me comes from communicating , learning and sharing with so many people, most of them strangers in "space"..
You know what I mean!

If you click on any "follower" , or below, on "other inspiration", you'll see what I mean...
There's so much to learn, find peace in or just have fun cruising! It's endless!

There are artists, writers,poets..
Great photography, design, and fashion..There's something for everyone, trust me!
I can't wait to visit them each day, or even each month..

A warning ! It's addicting. You can't visit once.. You'll need to return, again and again.

What fun you'll have!!!! And oh,the places you will go...

My advice?
"Sit down, step in, and hang on!"
Have fun..
I love hearing from you..


Sunday Mornings..Side by Side

StoryPeople Products:Side by Side Such a beautiful Sunday morning in the desert.. We have the most incredible songbirds! The best way to start the day.. Enjoy yours too! xo, P

The Apartment: Broadcast

The Apartment: Broadcast Living vicariously works for me..It brings so much to the table.. My son has been in So. Korea for quite awhile now.. I continue to travel alongside of him , quietly and passionately..through his eyes and his soul.. He loves to share.. Have a look for yourself.. xo, P

A new twist in life..

I have recently become a new member to the 'PINK TEAM'!!!!!
How perfect! It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!...
..I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer...this past week...
Getting ready. Lots to do...
I come from family of no fear, strength, courage, support and love...
That's all I'll need..
I needed you to know so I wouldn't just disappear, as I have in the past..
Can't wait to get back on track and share myself and my life again!
So much to share.
Hope you'll keep an eye out for me when you can...

Love you all...
Penney xoxo

My Dad

I think because of all that's going on in the military, for so long, I'm just in a very melancholy mood. I miss my dad a lot..
Tina, from English Muse is hurting from this recent loss of her dad. I so understand her loss and pain. I was so close to my dad, till the end.
He was a Navy man, full term, and I think of him every day and I'm actually glad he can't see what's going on here right now. I think he'd be very disappointed.
What do you think?
Off to dreamland for awhile,  so I can  visit with  my dad..
Sweet dreams to all!

p.s. this was taken at my bridal shower, 33 years ago..OY!